Hydraulics & Sanitation

In Benin and in the sub regions, we have had to intervene on a large number of water towers experiencing cracking and water flows. The treatment of any water storage project including ponds requires special control.
Our assets fall within the efficiency of our products have allowed us to prove ourselves to the great satisfaction of building owners .
We offer a comprehensive range of geographical PVC membranes to meet a wide variety of application.

We also provide the pipes of all dimensions to the drinking water pipe.These membranes are suitable for sealing of deformability of the excellent pool which allows them to adapt to all forms of support, their puncture resistance , weldability , their UV resistance and durability.
If necessary, they are available in food version for the storage of drinking water.

We also master the waterproofing gutters of all kinds, the dams are structures that should suffer water infiltration problems may be weakened with the loss of resistance to damaging their structure.
Finally, note that geo- membranes may validly serve as underground isolation barrier against toxic waste in terms of environmental protection .


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