The chaudronneire is an activity aimed at achieving the hollow shell of sheet and bar profiles of simple volumes (pan) to more complex sets cauldrons ( oil refinery ) .
HBP does the work in the boiler.
Our expertise in construction, maintenance and repair sets cauldron is solid.


The blasting is an industrial technique for cleaning surfaces. It consists in spraying under high pressure and high speed with the aid of compressed air to the sand through a nozzle onto the material to be etched of a metal or other surfaces. This prevents scratching the material ( the couple for example).
Activité de base de la société, la chaudronnerie reste un domaine d’intervention très remarquable à HBP. Nous luttons contre la corrosion des ouvrages métalliques de tous genres et en assurons efficacement la protection après le sablage et la peinture.
Our methods will inevitably contribute to the safeguarding of heritage and sustainability of facilities.


Together we have made great work successfully.

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