B.T.P - Design & Realisation

So we ran to the satisfaction of the building owners both in Benin and abroad many high- technology engineering and building sites.
Our technical references inform you more.
We enjoy technical support from our US partners , France , Italy , Greece , Belgium , in our various services .

The building level

Our new works department is responsible for the design and implementation of construction plans and takes into account the waterproofing flap which is very important to ensure during the project to ensure the protection of the book by providing highly appropriate solutions through the implementation of specific membranes modern high technology scope against : water infiltration in the basement and all other levels of the building through the water rooms , tile joints in coatings exterior walls.
We also have anti humidity paintings and suitable products to fight against takeoffs and slamming paint , mold , wall cracks etc.
Our hand experienced work force, equipped and active day and night , we can effectively achieve our goals.

HIGH BUILDING PROTECTION, We have a world to build ... !


Together we have made great work successfully.

Project management - Industrial realizations all trades. WATERPROOFING - B.T.P. - HYDRAULIC - PAINTING - ENERGY - GRAIN - BOILER



We have a world to build

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