Our speciality is waterproofing . we perform diagnostics , give advice and carries out major works , buildings,  roads and railways.
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industry and energy works

the supply and installation of energy production equipment. Our solutions are tailored to your needs, all while optimizing your budget.
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B.T.P - Design & Realisation

Our new works department is responsible for the design and implementation of construction plans taking into account the waterproofing flap .
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The treatment of any water storage project including ponds requires special control. Our assets fall within the efficiency of our products allows us to meet more than one client.
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PAINT - Industrial & Building

Whether to perform interior or exterior painting your home, BPH is at your disposal. The quality of the products and materials we use guarantees a result that is both attractive and reliable.
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core business of the company, the boiler remains a focus area very remarkable to HBP. We fight against the corrosion of metal structures of all kinds and ensure the protection after sandblasting and painting.
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Together we have made great work successfully.

Project management - Industrial realizations all trades. WATERPROOFING - B.T.P. - HYDRAULIC - PAINTING - ENERGY - GRAIN - BOILER



We have a world to build

Monday- Saturday : 8:00 to 12:30 - 15 to 18:30

Location : C/129 Avlékété Codji Jonquet next MTN Ex Direction - 04 BP 0526 Cotonou - Benin